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Namibia, Page 4
May 19 - May 20, 2004

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Country Facts: Namibia

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Updated Information

Witt & Jen

Date Camp Site or Accommodations GPS

Distance  Today: 229km


 Restaurant Meal

Outjo, Namibia

19 May, 2004

Ombinda Lodge


Odometer: 21831km

Sunny, 85(F) degrees

Sadly, after six weeks together our group is breaking up today. Slade and Krissy are returning to Ondangwa to help Urs repair the pinzgauer. Graham and Connie are driving to Windhoek to try to obtain some parts for Toki. It is in need of new shock towers, a steering box, and a hood latch. Witt, Jen, and Vicky (who is joining them in Rafiki for awhile) are accompanying David and Nadine on a tour of Damaraland. The plan is to meet again in Swakopmund in about a week to tour the skeleton coast together. Witt and Jen are flying from Johannesburg to Tanzania on June 4 to meet some friends to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro. Graham and Connie will be with Connie’s parents in Krueger National Park during this time. Before setting off this morning we divided up our communal food stock which was quite a chore. We did some horse trading (Chili beans? What do I do with Chili beans? I’ll trade you for a can of sliced peaches) and gave away the non-dividables (a bottle of gin and a packet of marshmallows) by lottery. Witt, Jen and Vicky won the bottle of gin while Connie came up a distant second with the marshmallows. We spent the morning together looking for game, but as it was nine oclock when we started we didn’t see much. After lunch Rafiki and Totoy (David and Nadine’s landcruiser) headed out of the park to Outjo while the others spent one more night in Okaukuejo. We arrived in Outjo at about 430 and after buying some groceries checked into the campground at the Ombinda Lodge. We decided to eat at the lodge restaurant. Witt ordered a kudu steak which proved to be excellent and David had an enormous T-bone.

Some birds at the Okaukuejo campsite

They build huge nests that threaten to overwhelm the trees

Updated Information

Graham & Connie

Date Camp Site or Accommodations GPS

Distance  Today: 193km


 Rusks, salad, hamburgers on the braai

Etosha National Park Namibia

19 May, 2004

Okaukuejo Camp Site


Odometer: km

Cool in the Am, Hot by mid-day, 85(F) degrees

Today the group became two groups. Witt, Jen, Vicky, David and Nadine plan to leave the park and head South towards Brandburg to do some hiking. Krissy, Slade, Connie and Graham are staying in the park for another day.

We got up and had rusks and cereal for breakfast. Witt and Jen visited the waterhole, but nothing exciting was there. We then all spent two hours dividing up the communal food into the various trucks and haggling over food we wanted or didn’t want. At about 10am, the whole group trundled off on a game drive, heading for unexplored territory in the West of the park. Not much game was in evidence except, of course, for springbok, wildebeast and zebra. We stopped for lunch at a picnic spot and Nadine produced another Slade defying salad. It was very good despite Slade’s complaining. After lunch, we split up, first trading contact information and going over plans to meet again.

The stationary group (Slade, Krissy, Connie and Graham) continued on the game drive completing the loop back to Okaukuejo camp where we bumped into the other group at the camp shop. It is really hard to get rid of some people!!

On our afternoon game drive we passed the stop where the mating lions had been seen, but they had moved on. At the Oliphantsbad waterhole, a VW Synchro pulled up next to Graham and Connie and the driver asked, “Are you really from Colorado?” He was from Boulder and had been following us for a while. It’s a small world.

Back at camp, we were preparing to have sundowners at the waterhole when a man walked up and asked about Pangaea Expeditions. Turns out he runs Off-Road Academy in Canada and has talked to Nathan many times. He saw the logo and recognized it immediately. It is a small world!

At the waterhole a small herd of elephants were snorting water and slinging mud. We watched them for a while and then Graham cooked hamburgers on the braai while Slade made salt and vinegar chips. Good stuff!

Updated Information

Witt & Jen

Date Camp Site or Accommodations GPS

Distance  Today: 279km


 Salad, chocolate bananas with rum for desert

Near Palmwag, Namibia

20 May, 2004

Bush Camp


Odometer: 22110km

Sunny, 87(F) degrees

After a surprisingly chilly evening that had us reaching for our extra blankets, we spent the morning at an internet café in outjo sending web updates and catching up with email. We saw Graham and Connie as they drove through town on their way to Windhoek. We visited the tourist information office (Yes, they have those here!!) and got some advice on how to spend the next few days. We headed out of town, planning to spend the night a Palmwag. Stopping for fuel in Kamanjab we saw loads of tourists in 4WD vehicles with rooftop tents. We realized that today is a holiday, giving people here a four day weekend. We arrived at the Palmwag Lodge campground but they were full. We joked about how we didn’t have this problem in the Congos or in Angola. We found a bushcamp where we enjoyed a nice evening stargazing.

Along the road to Palmwag


Updated Information

Graham & Connie

Date Camp Site or Accommodations GPS

Distance  Today: 451km


 Rusks, pastries, dinner buffet (lots of good stuff!!)

Windhoek, Namibia

20 May, 2004

Roof of Africa


Odometer: km

Cool in the AM, Hot by mid-day, 85(F) degrees

Today the group became three. Slade and Krissy headed back to Namutoni on their way back to Ondwanga to help Urs. Connie and Graham went South to Winhoek hoping to get their suspension fixed.

The road to Windhoek is very straight for many, many miles, punctuated only sometimes by small towns. In one town, Outjo, we saw a familiar Land Cruiser parked by the side of the road, and then a familiar Land Rover. We had caught up with the hiking group. We stopped and chatted and bought pastries at the coffee shop. Then we said goodbye again and headed South. We arrived in Windhoek at about 4pm and had a brief look for a Land Rover parts place. One was not immediately obvious, so we stopped at the Roof of Africa for the night. It is a fantastic place if a bit pricey. We got a room and had their dinner buffet which had excellent oxtail soup and salad as well as teriyaki chicken. This was our first night not camping in a very long time.

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