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Graham, Connie, Jen and Witt...The Travelers


Graham was born in Lesotho and grew up in Southern Africa of British descent. He inherited his parent's dream of driving through Africa (and their love of Land Rovers). Graham has a degree in Environmental Chemistry and works as lab director for ESN Rocky Mountain. Back in 1996 he and Witt came up with the idea of putting that dream into practice. The rest is history! In 1998 Graham and Connie got married he took her to Africa for the first time and she was enveloped in the dream.


Connie grew up in Loveland, Colorado and is a rare native of that state (although she too has traveled extensively). She met Witt and Graham in high school, where she and Graham started their relationship. Connie has a degree in Performance Theatre. In 1998 she and Graham got married and honeymooned in Southern Africa (before which she was very much against this trip). There she was infected by the dream.


Jen grew up in Philadelphia and met Witt at work in 1996. Earning her PhD in Aerospace Engineering cut into her travel time, and she's now making up lost ground. She has visited all 48 contiguous United States and traveled with Witt in New Zealand in 1998 and traveled to Peru and Bolivia with him in 2000. She also enjoys many outdoor activities, and seldom allows Witt to sleep in on the weekends. Jen and Witt were married in Maine in 2001.


Witt grew up in Colorado and moved around extensively as a child. His travels were largely confined to the United States until he went to Europe with Graham in 1995 where he was fortunate to be bitten by the travel bug. In 1998, Witt spent four months backpacking through South-East Asia, Nepal, and New Zealand. When not traveling, he enjoys hiking and backpacking, skiing, biking, and whitewater kayaking. Witt finished climbing all of Colorado's 14,000 foot peaks in 1997. Witt works as a software developer to pay for his many toys.  

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