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Thank You!

The whole Africa Overland Team would like to thank the following people for their special assistance:

Alan, Edie, India and Octavia were kind enough to provide us with an Iridium Satellite phone, complete with 200 pre-paid minutes.

Brian Slobe for team photos

Charlie and Pam Haigh gave lots of help at our Colorado farewell party.

Debbie Slobe for doing our wonderful press release.

Freya Jackson for allowing her house to be invaded and putting up with us all.

Heather Donahue for allowing us to use her employee discount to obtain much needed trip supplies.

Kathy Sparks for creating and maintaining this website for us.

Marianne Myrick and Nazareth Hospital for donating enough medical and first aid supplies to keep us healthy on our trip.

Nathan & Tracy Hindman of Pangaea Expeditions for donating Septre Jerry cans.

Richard Smith for letting us use the workshop on the Downton Estate for final work on the vehicles (and for excellent curry!).

Christopher Fowler for hosting this web site for us.

Thanks to everyone who spent time helping us complete our vehicles:

Alpine & Sue Rodman

Dave Marker

Debbie and Brian Slobe

Ed and Annette Rotthoff

Mike Myrick

Nathan Hindman

Nick Seemiller

Verna & Bob Rodman

Witt and Jen would like to thank the following people for making their trip a reality:

Alpine & Sue Rodman for helping us to retrieve Witt and Jen’s vehicle from Oregon.

Charlie Haigh, without whom Rafiki would still be a pile of parts in Graham’s garage.

Henry and Kathy Sparks for help in obtaining the carnet, buying us an air compressor, and building drawers and curtains for Rafiki.

We would also like to thank everyone who contributed financially to the success of our trip:

Michael and Marianne Myrick

Sharon Lowe

Colleagues at work who contributed to a “pot of gold.”

Graham and Connie would like to thank the following people for helping make our trip a reality:

Alpine, Sue, Bob & Verna Rodman and Glen Shue for special equipment and the final push at the end to get the trucks ready.

Barabara Shue for making our carnet possible.

Charlie Haigh for his help with the rear springs and all other things Land Rover.

Liz & Tony Jackson for special equipment and expertise for both the truck and Africa.

We appreciate our Sponsors, please take a moment to visit them.

Safari Gard

Land Rover Flatirons, Boulder, Colorado

Pangea Expeditions

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