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Angola, Page 5
May 5 - May 7, 2004

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Country Facts: Angola

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Updated Information Date Camp Site or Accommodations GPS

Distance  Today: 186km


 Pork and lamb potjie

Near Sumbe, Angola

05 May, 2004

Beach Camp


Odometer: 19621km

Sunny, 95(F) degrees

We drove to Binga Falls, which had been recommended by Mario in Luanda, in time for lunch. The falls are spectacular, and we enjoyed a swim in the river. After a relaxing lunch we drove another hour and found a nice camp site on the beach. Today is Krissy and Slade’s anniversary, and the girls have been plotting ways to do something special for them. We set up chairs on the beach and gave them drinks along with a menu from the “overlander café” We served appetizers and Graham put together an excellent potjie. We had as much fun putting it on as they had enjoying it.

Binga Falls

Updated Information Date Camp Site or Accommodations GPS

Distance  Today: 850km


 Grilled Chicken

Near Baia Farta, Angola

06 May, 2004

Beach Camp


Odometer: 19850km

Sunny, 98(F) degrees

We left the beach this morning after a run and some exercises (Jen and Witt are trying to rebuild some muscle mass lost during the last three months sitting in the land rover). The road was potholed and the going slow. We passed a bridge which was surrounded by a mine field marked with red and white stakes. We’re not sure who has the job of putting the stakes in, but we are sure he’s not paid enough. Our lunch stop was littered with shell casings from automatic weapons and there was evidence of old trenches nearby. We stopped for fuel in Lobito and encountered a long traffic jam on the way to Banguela. We found a nice beach camp in the afternoon, and grilled some chicken after watching the sunset.

Mine Field!

Updated Information Date Camp Site or Accommodations GPS

Distance  Today: 150km


 Beef Stew, Sushi

North of Namibe, Angola

07 May, 2004

Bush Camp


Odometer: 20000km

Sunny, 97(F) degrees

We spent the day driving on a little used piste down the coast of Angola toward Namibe. The road started out as a decent gravel road, but after we passed through a village, we stopped seeing any cars at all and the road became a track. We passed the rusting hulks of a few trucks that looked as if they’d met their end violently. The road wound through the countryside, and some of it involved some technical four wheeling. We pulled off on a side road and spent about a half hour searching for a beach camp used by Expedition Overland, but we were apparently on the wrong road and had to be content with a plateau overlooking the water (we were about 800 feet up).


The lady who sold us bread had a passenger.

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